Marvin Cook Studio and Gallery

Acrylic Landscape Paintings,Murals, and Illustration

I enjoy painting places and atmospheres, mostly from memory or imagination.I hope my paintings find a connection with people who share an appreciation for the Florida and Caribbean naturescape. It is an honor when people choose to hang my work in their homes.

My paintings are reflections of my interests and experiences. In my youth in South Florida, weekends were spent on the reef and Gulf Stream on calm days or in the Everglades or Florida Bay backwaters in cold or windy weather.

Moving to North Florida in the 1970s, coastal marshes, rivers and springs, swamps, longleaf pine and hardwood forests were rich new environments to explore.

Now living in a community on Apalachee Bay, surrounded by St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, is a constant inspiration. Travels throughout the Caribbean, and particularly The Bahamas, for work and pleasure tap a strong interest and are a growing influence on my artwork.

On Exhibit...

I’mprivilegedto have my work at numerous wildlife refuges and venues reaching from Alaska to the Turks and Caicos.

Multi-segment cross-section mural for Turks and Caicos Natrional Environemental Centre,Providenciales TCI BWI

Art forBonefish Ponds, New Providence

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